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If your looking for the best kitesurf lessons, Honolulu Kite School is the leader in kitesurf instruction in the Hawaiian Islands. We live up to that reputation on several levels:

The Secret Spot

Honolulu Kite School InstructionAll of our kite lessons are at a semi secret, world class, kiting location on Oahu. It is one of the most beautiful kite spots in the world and has miles of clear torquoise, protected, uncrowded, water. The wind here is also some of the most consistent and steady of any spot around the world. Key ingredients that make this kite spot truly world class!

This is the ultimate location in Hawaii for kite lessons and is known and frequented by only a handful of lucky kite boarders. Don’t miss out, book with us today!

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The Escort Boat

Honolulu Kite School's Escort Boat

Honolulu Kite School is the first and only kite surfing school in Hawaii to provide an escort boat with all kite lessons. The escort boat is the ultimate way to teach kitesurfing! With the boat, you’re not only safer, but it’s more effective. It is far superior to a standard lesson that is taught from the beach, where the instructor stands on the beach sending the kite student out in deep water on their own.

Out there on your own without an instructor, there’s no one to coach you, or remind you of finer techniques and help you. You’re going to fall, and don’t you want someone there to help you fall less often, and learn faster?  If you’re less frustrated, you learn faster.

An escort boat allows us to follow the student closely and give instruction in real time from the boat. We are also able to stay close to the student while they are in the water which is much safer.

With the escort boat and our secret location we are able to do 2 mile downwinders, this allows for tons of water time which is great for body drags and lots of board time! No more walking back up the beach over and over again. All of the top kite schools around the world use some type of boat or watercraft support during their lessons. Demand the best, demand “Honolulu Kite School”

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Our Customer Service and Your Experience

Honolulu Kite School provides the highest level of quality and training that you can receive anywhere on the island. We do nothing but kiteboarding here at Honolulu Kite School. Unlike our competitors who in addition to kite lessons also rent kayaks, teach surf and sup lessons, and do island tours, we’re dedicated to one sport. Don’t make a mistake in choosing your kitesurf instructor! With the attention and experience you’ll get from us, your kiteboarding prowess will be that much stronger. We have been teaching since 2001, with hundreds of students coming through our school.

Our commitment to the sport will show in the quality of your training. We know you are spending hard earned money to become a kiteboarder and we strive to give you the best value and kiting experience for that money! We truly are focused on providing the best kitesurf instruction in Hawaii because its all we do! We want to thank you for your business and look forward to getting you on the water!

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