Honolulu Kite School

Honolulu Kite School provides the highest level of education and experience for your kitesurfing lessons in Hawaii. The leading reason is because we provide an escort boat, and no other company will give you this feature. An escort boat allows you to learn to kitesurf in a very safe environment, while still being extremely effective. It is far superior to a standard lesson taught with the instructor standing on the beach! The escort boat allows us to send you out in deep water on your own, while still receiving instruction.

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Our Commitment to Kitesurfing

Honolulu Kite School does nothing but kiting. While our competitors are offering kite lessons, they are also balancing kayak rentals, surfing lessons, sup lessons, and sometimes tour groups too. With so many facets to their business, kite lessons will receive a little less attention. Not with Honolulu Kite School! You receive our full focus and hands on attention. If you're really wanting to learn how to kitesurf, this is the way to do it.

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Our Commitment to You

We know you are spending your hard earned money to become a kiteboarder, and you want it to go as far as possible. Our teaching process and method gives you just that. Honolulu Kite School strives to give our customers the best value for their time and their money, as well as the best possible experience! We truly are focused on providing the best kitesurf instruction in Hawaii because it's all we do! We want to thank you for your business and look forward to getting you into the water!

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Where You Learn: Our Semi-Secret Location

All of our kite lessons are at a semi-secret, world class, kiting location on Oahu that is only accessible by boat! It is one of the most beautiful kite spots in the world and has miles of shallow sand bottom and flat, uncrowded water. The wind here is also some of the most consistent and steady of any spot around the world. Key ingredients that make this spot truly world class! And we're excited to share it with you!